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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • It's Memorial Day Weekend - Remember Those That Gave The Greatest Sacrifice

    Mr Rex The Patriot at Camp

    The Patriot at Age 3


    The Veteran at Age 67

    Remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice to preserve freedom in America

  • Stun Gun Protected By Second Amendment?

    A pretty silly news story in the Baltimore Sun the other day went like this:

    Now that Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman has declared the possession of stun guns to be "clearly protected by the Second Amendment" (in an interview with WBAL Radio), we must consider other weapons that should be protected constitutionally. Grenades, improvised explosive devices, hand-held missiles, and, of course, tactical nuclear devices are surely protected as "arms" by the Second Amendment because we need the ability to protect ourselves from an oppressive government which already has all of these resources. The Founders knew!

    Let us pass or repeal the necessary laws and forget the foolishness of subjecting any challenges to the process of judicial review. The Founders were asleep at the switch on that one. And to paraphrase Wayne LaPierre and the late Charlton Heston, I'll give up my bazooka when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.  This article can be found here http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-05-13/news/bs-ed-stun-guns-letter-20130513_1_stun-guns-explosive-devices-second-amendment

    Pretty silly isn't it?  I do not know if a stun gun should be considered protected by the second amendment of the US Constitution but it is getting a bit nuts when it comes to gun control or better known as the plot to disarm America.

    Flashlight Stun Gun

  • Our World Is A Scary Place-Protect Yourself

    Our world can be a scary place.  Reading the newspaper or stories on the internet and listening to the news can leave one with a feeling of despair.  Don't despair.  Protect yourself.  Arm yourself with knowledge and products to protect you and your family. Then you can go about your daily routines safe in the knowledge you have readied yourself and your family for those unexpected, unwelcomed events that can randomly befall any of us anytime.

    Women with pepper spray

    Take a class; learn self-defense techniques; teach your family age appropriate responses to danger and stock up on non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, kubotans, and/or stun guns.

    Ladies, check out the lipstick pepper spray.  It is designed to look just like a tube of lipstick so no one needs to know you are carrying.  It is easy to carry in a small purse or your pocket and an assailant would not know you were getting ready to defend yourself when you take it out of your pocket.  Just $12.95 at Self Defense Rocks.


    Spring is upon us and many of you are taking the opportunity to participate in delightful outside activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, and biking.  Feel safe and secure carrying pepper spray or animal repellents.  Mace Muzzle just $14.95 st Self Defense Rocks.

    Mace® Canine Repellent

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