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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • 20% Off Everything Sale Now Until New Year's Eve

    SelfDefenseRocks is celebrating the Christmas Holiday season with 20% everything in the store.  Just use the discount code "122512" when you are ready to check out and the discount will be applied to your entire order.  Whether it is stocking stuffers like kubatons, personal alarms, pepper sprays, etc. or other items, it is all on sale.

  • Some Women Are More At Risk Of Assault - Are You One Of Them?

    I was recently looking around the Internet for news on assaults against women for a research paper and came across a release by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    What are the types of violence against women?

    Behaviors included in the broad category of violence against women include homicide, intimate partner abuse, psychological abuse, dating violence, same-sex violence, elder abuse, sexual assault, date rape, acquaintance rape, marital rape, stranger rape and economic abuse. The effects of this violence can negatively affect a woman’s reproductive health, as well as other aspects of her physical and mental well-being. Long-term risks include chronic pain, physical disability, drug and alcohol abuse and depression. Women with a history of physical or sexual abuse also have an increased risk for unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and adverse pregnancy outcomes. The vast majority of violence against females is perpetrated by males.

    You can read the article by clicking on this link.

    What can you do if you are assaulted and how can you protect yourself.  One way is to carry a stun gun or pepper spray. You can buy these items from this web store. Just click on stun guns or pepper spray in the left column of the home page.

  • The Country is in a Tailspin - Protect Yourself

    The Dow Jones is falling and well north off a 300 point loss with the Presidential election finally over.  You need to protect yourself, your home and your family.  Here are some suggestions of items you can buy on this web store by SelfDefenseRocks.

    There are many more self defense items and home intrusion alarm systems available at this store.  Take a look through all our items at www.selfdefenserocks.com

  • Fall Back - Be Safe

    Did you remember to set our clock back one hour last night?

    This is a good time to check or change the batteries in your safety devices.  Check your fire alarms, CO2 alarms, door alarms, motion detectors.  Any safety devices that require battery power should be checked for power viability at least twice a year.  Make it habit and be prepared if an emergency strikes.  Check our websites for all your self defense and home defense items.

  • The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women

    The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women contains several easy to carry and use effective self defense products with product instructional DVDs.  In addition, manuals and new extensively researched reports are included in the special purpose "kits".  Ladies be prepared.  Protect yourself!!!


    Did you know:

    • Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. • One property crime happens every 3 seconds. • One burglary occurs every 10 seconds. • One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. • One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds. • One robbery occurs every 60 seconds, or 1 minute. Women are not provided with any training in personal safety. Women are taught it is not lady like or itf they need protection, someone else will take care of them.  If they do decide to protect themselves and looked for products on their own, they had no one source and no knowledgeable assistance...until now. Simple, fact-based education on these matters can and does SAVE LIVES! All productsprovided are non-lethal, safe and covered by warranties. All products backed by satisfaction guarantees. Our objective in putting together these Personal Safety Kits for Women is to provide women with the power to be in control when placed in a precarious situation. The fact is, most of us are not prepared for these situations. We tend to become anxious, uneasy, worried, fearful and hesitant to perform our daily routine. Which in turn can easily alter our lives if we are not prepared. Our products provide you with the comfort and self-confidence you will need in order to defend and protect yourself in life threatening situations. At the end of the day our products allow you to feel secure. The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women is specifically structured to keep women safer while at home or out and around. From the book diversion safe to hide valuables; to personal safety with pepper sprays, personal alarm and electronic whistle, our products cover a wide range of situations. They make it easy and convenient to be prepared and protect yourself.  Plus a manual with instructions for each product in the kit and a DVD that demonstrates each product for you.

    Your Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women includes the following products:

    • 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray with Leatherette Holster (1) • Lipstick Pepper Spray (1) • Diversion Safe - Book (1) • Electronic Pocket Whistle (1) • 130dB Personal Alarm with Light (1) • All batteries included • Products Instructional Manual For more information on the products and their instructions, please view the PDF file here.

    That's Not All... You also get 5 Special Safety Reports

    These reports are designed with the safety of you and your family in mind and are a great resource for making your life safer and more secure. • Safe Dating • Self Defense Techniques • Stay Safe When Traveling • What To Do If You Are Stopped By The Police • What You Should Know About Sexual & Domestic Assault

    PLUS...a Product Instructional DVD

    Each product is demonstrated for you; The quickest way for you to learn to use each safety product.

    Pepper Spray Babes June 2012 - YouTube

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