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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Bears Bear Watching

    Evidently June is bear month.  Here are just a few of the June 2012 headlines:

    • Payson, Arizona – two bear attacks in one week
    • British Colombia, Canada – bear attacked man in hot tub
    • Cape Cod, Massachusetts – rare bear sighting as bear roving Cape Cod
    • Boulder , Colorado – bear roaming campus of University of Colorado
    • Greenwich, New Jersey – bear wandering neighborhood
    • Grafton, New Hampshire – bear attached woman at her back door
    • Manchester, New Hampshire – bear tranquilized after found wandering streets of Manchester

    We can all sympathize with the poor bears.  Humans have encroached on their territory in almost every state.  And with the aid of today’s technologies human go deeper and deeper into the wild.  The best way to avoid a bear encounter is to avoid the bears.  But that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do when the bears are roaming the streets and visiting our backdoors.

    Whether in your backyard or in the woods, most bear encounters result from the fact the bear is either protecting its territory, its young or looking for food.  If a bear attacks it has either been provoked or is being predatory.  Both situations are very dangerous.

    Information abounds from experts in the field on bear behavior and ways to protect yourself if you are caught in the unenviable position of coming face to face with a bear.  Most of us, unless we are outdoors enthusiasts, naturalists, hunters or adventurers, would not expect to encounter a bear in our daily lives but the headlines prove that assumption wrong.  It could happen anywhere.  Understanding bear behavior could save your life.

    You could also save your life by being proactive and preparing for a bear encounter.  Other than avoidance, the two most recommended solutions are guns or bear repellant.  Both have their pros and cons.  Let’s state the obvious.  Guns are illegal in many places and unless you are a very good shot and have a high powered weapon, a shot from a gun does not usually drop a bear.  A wounded bear can continue to run and attack.  On the other hand, a direct hit from bear repellant usually stops the bear in his tracks.  Bear repellant is easier to aim and shoot and, although very effective, is non-lethal.  Pepper spray or bear mace will not cause permanent damage to the bear.

    Bear sprays contain natural and chemical components which cause immediate inflammation of tissues on contact with eyes, nose and bare skin.  You should aim for a bear’s face or use a back and forth motion to lay down a field of spray directly in the bear’s on-coming path to give maximum exposure to the bear’s face.  The resulting inflammation and irritation of the eyes, nose and lungs is immediate and causes the bear to focus on his face instead of on your face.   The normal bear reaction is stop and/or retreat giving you time to get to safety.

    Not every situation is perfect for bear repellants.  If the wind is blowing in your face, don’t spray.  If the temperatures are well below freezing, your spray may not work properly.  And remember, you must be carrying your spray in a readily available place; your hand or on your belt comes to mind.  Don’t bury it in your pack.  In these situations fall back on your research and choose the most compatible non-intervention strategy for your situation.  If nothing comes to mind, fall to the ground, curl up in a ball to protect you head and neck, play dead, and remain still.

    When it is a choice between becoming bear lunch or being a proactive self-defender, choose to protect yourself.   Don’t be lunch!

    There are several makes and models of bear repellents but two of the most popular are Mace Bear Spray and Guard Alaska®.

    Mace Bear Spray is a safe, humane pepper Mace bear spray.  The powerful magnum fogger delivers an extreme blast that may reach up to 30 feet.

    Guard Alaska® Bearspray is an ultra-hot pepper spray proven so effective at repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for all species of bear!

    For more information on bear safety and bear sprays:

     U. S. Fish and Wildlife “Bear Spray vs. Bullets”

    Interagency Grizzle Bear committee “IBC – Bear Spray Recommendations”

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife “Bear Safety on the Web”

  • Pepper Shot Tri-Pack

    Nina had just accepted a big promotion, which meant a bigger paycheck, but a longer commute. Luckily, she lived in the city and commuted out to the suburbs, so she didn't get stuck in the crazy traffic that some of her friends had to endure every day.  One morning, she woke up extra early to get ready for an important staff meeting.  Scooting down a side road at over seventy miles per hour, she noticed flashing lights in her rear view mirror.  "Ugh," she grunted. "One week into this job and I'm already getting a ticket."  Still too early for many of the gas stations to be open, she pulled into a lighted space on the side of the road. Under the lights, she noticed the police car was unmarked. A trooper got out of the vehicle and paced toward her.

    She rolled down the window a little bit as he approached.  "Good morning, ma'am," he said. "Do you know how fast you were going through that thirty five mile an hour zone?"  Kim rolled her eyes and said, "I'm sorry, officer, but I don't know. How fast do you believe I was going?"  "Let's not worry about what I think, just yet," he said. "I'll need you to step out of the car, please, ma'am."  Kim thought it was strange that he hadn't asked for her license or registration. And when she took a longer look at him, now that her eyes were adjusting to the light, she noticed he wasn't wearing a uniform.

    "Officer, could I just see your identification clearly, please?" she asked.  "Ma'am, I order you to get out of this car RIGHT NOW," he demanded.  Kim observed that he looked far too unkempt to be a real police officer. At the same moment, the man tried to reach in through Kim's car window. She reached up for her visor and pulled down her emergency canister of pepper spray.  Aiming right through the crack in the window, she nailed her attacker right in the eyes. As he stumbled into the road, she started up her car and sped up the highway. She found an open gas station a few miles up the road, where she called police.

    They found her attacker stumbling through the woods not far from where Kim left him. It turns out he had been preying on women in the early morning hours for months, but hadn't been caught. Kim not only saved herself, she helped put a dangerous man behind bars.

    Yours in safety,


    P.S. You can get pepper spray in the same convenient car visor clip that Kim used as part of our Pepper Shot Tri-Pack.  The Tri- Pack also includes a large wall mounted canister for your home and a personal canister on a quick-release keychain. For complete Pepper Spray protection visit:



  • Voice Alert - Home and Driveway Alert System

    The following is a true story how the Voice Alert was used.

    When Dr. Ron Caro's wife wanted to leave their apartment after their new mountain bikes were stolen from their balcony facing the alley, Dr. Caro installed a security system that has caught and prosecuted more than 14 perpetrators in the past two years. Dr.Caro lives in an upscale neighborhood in Whittier, California, in an apartment directly above the complex's carports adjacent to the alley. Two year's ago, after his bikes were stolen, Dr. Caro purchased four bullet cameras, a time-lapse video recorder, and a quad to monitor the activity in and around the carports, alley, and patio.  The week after installing the system, a neighbor had a break-in, so Dr. Caro reviewed the tape to see what happened.

    He found the incident and gave the tape to the police. "The police took a report and told me that unless I knew where the suspect lived or who he was there was really no way to catch the guy," Dr. Caro explained. So Dr. Caro added Voice Alert, a wireless notification device, to his system.  The Voice Alert system combines wireless infrared sensors with a speaker/receiver that allows the user to record up to six individual messages.  When a sensor is triggered by activity, a signal is sent to the receiver/speaker and it plays the corresponding message to alert the home or business owner that an incident has occurred.

    Dr. Caro installed three Voice Alert sensors in the carport and positioned them so that the infrared beams intersected to detect anything that entered the carport.  Less than a week after he installed Voice Alert, the receiver speaker sounded at 4 a.m. playing the message "Someone's in the carport!" and waking Dr. Caro. He turned on his monitor and saw the same guy who robbed his neighbor a week earlier in his carport.  The time-lapse recorder was recording and Caro, a former Marine Corps Officer, held the suspect until police arrived.  Dr. Caro gave the time-lapse recording to the police, providing enough evidence to prosecute the suspect.  That same scenario, with different suspects, has occurred numerous times over the past two years. Each with the same outcome, the suspect gets caught and prosecuted.

    "One police officer even mentioned that more people should have a system like mine,"  said Dr. Caro. "As far as I'm concerned, surveillance without sensors is not effective.  You need to catch them in the act." Dr. Caro looked at other notification systems and found Voice Alert to have the best wireless range and the best price. "It's a great piece of equipment," said Dr. Caro.

    Yours in safety,


    P.S.,  you can get more information on the Voice Alert and order at http://www.selfdefenserocks.com/voice-alert-with-1-transmitter.html

  • Pepper Spray Works

    Pepper spray is an effective non-lethal weapon.  It works by causing extreme pain and burning when it comes into contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes making it a very effective way to deter or stop any kind of physical attack.

    The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC). OC is derived from one of the hottest peppers in the world, the Cayenne pepper. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, not an irritant. Upon contact with mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, pepper spray causes instant dilation of the capillaries. This contact can cause temporary effects such as temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and excessive coughing. Pepper spray will cause an intense burning sensation on contact with skin. The effects are non-lethal and are not permanent. Effects last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes giving you time to get out of harm’s way.

    Research your product of choice, practice with it, be comfortable with it, learn how to counteract the effects and carry it with you.  Knowledge is power.

    Be prepared.  Protect yourself!

  • Being Safe At Home - The Survival Kit

    Quick Overview

    SafeFamilyLife combines our products with product instructional DVDs and manuals and new, extensively researched reports into special purpose "kits." This is an innovative, unique approach unlike anything currently available in the personal/family security field.

    Product Description

    • Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. • One property crime happens every 3 seconds. • One burglary occurs every 10 seconds. • One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. • One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds. • One robbery occurs every 60 seconds, or 1 minute.
    People are not provided with any training in Personal, Family and Home Security, and if they looked for products on their own, they had no one source and no knowledgeable assistance...until now. Simple, fact-based education on these matters can and does SAVE LIVES!
    All products are non-lethal, safe and covered by warranties. All products backed by satisfaction guarantees.
    Our objective in putting together these SafeFamilyLife safety kits is to provide people the power to be in control when placed in a precarious situation. The fact is, most of us are not prepared for these situations. We tend to become anxious, uneasy, worried, fearful and hesitant to perform our daily routine. Which in turn can easily alter our lives if we are not prepared. Our products provide you with the comfort and self-confidence you will need in order to defend and protect yourself and your family in life threatening situations. At the end of the day our products allow you to feel secure.
    The SafeFamilyLife Being Safe at Home Survival Kit - Advanced System is specifically structured for your home security. From the home alarm, to a hidden camera, to a diversion safe for your valuables, to your personal safety with pepper sprays and personal alarm.
    Plus a manual with instructions for each product in the kit and a DVD that demonstrates each product for you.
    Your Advanced Home Survival Kit includes the following products • Auto Dialer (1) • Diversion Safe - Dried Soup (1) • UFO Alarm (1) • Glass Breakage Alarm (4) • Magnetic Door Alarm (2) • Motion Detector Hidden Camera (1) • 2 oz. Pepper Sprays with Wall Mounts (2) • 4 oz. Pepper Spray (1) • All batteries included • Products Instructional Manual
    For more information on the products and their instructions go to http://www.selfdefenserocks.com/safety-kits/being-safe-at-home-survival-kit-advanced-system.html
  • Reasons to Buy Pepper Spray

    Don’t be a victim - Buying pepper spray or any other self defense product is buying insurance against becoming a victim.  You don’t want to be attacked but it could happen.  Follow these rules:

    (1) Research self-defense products in particular pepper spray; (2) decide which product you or your family members would be able to work into your daily lives; (3) buy a self-defense product, then:

    1.  learn how to use it
    2.  understand it inside and out
    3. practice using it – practice, practice and more practice
    4.  be prepared mentally to use it if necessary
    5.  keep it handy – keep it close – carry it where you go
    6. It could save your life or that of someone you love.

    Be prepared. Protect yourself - don’t be a victim.


  • Mace Pepper Batons

    The  following is a story how the Mace Pepper Baton was used.

    Christy waited tables at a hip little bistro a few blocks from her apartment.  Though she loved her neighborhood, she always prepared for the unexpected.  One night, one of the diners got a little out of hand. She could put up with rude customers, and she could even tolerate patrons who had a little too much to drink.  She and her boss agreed that anyone who tried to lay hands on her or on any of the wait staff  would end up enjoying the rest of their meal "to go."  So her boss ejected a customer who looked like a rumpled college professor after he tried to pinch Christy's bottom. The guy created a huge stink, but the customers applauded when he fell down the steps and landed on the sidewalk with a thud.

    Later that night, after Christy banked out and counted her tip money, she headed back down the street to her place.  She thought she heard footsteps behind her, but saw nobody when she swung around.  Another block away from the restaurant, she thought she heard a trash can rattle. Still, she couldn't see anyone in the shadows.  Only a few steps away from her building's front door, Christy heard someone sneeze. She whipped around to see the drunken customer from earlier that night. He lunged at her, shouting, "I'll show you!"Instead of bolting for the door - she wouldn't have made it in time, anyway - she pulled out her keys. Instead of a usual keychain, Christy carries a Mace Pepper Baton. It's small enough to fit in a purse, and durable enough to inflict pain on an attacker.

    As the drunken patron grabbed for her hair, Christy ducked down and slammed the Pepper Baton across his kneecap. Wincing in pain, he buckled over and made another swipe at her. She retaliated by holding onto the baton and swinging her keys against his face.  Stumbling, the attacker made one last grab. Christy pointed the baton at him, unleashing its secret weapon - a blast of debilitating pepper spray.  Christy's attacker crouched on the sidewalk while she dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone.  "Next time," Christy said, "stick to what's on the menu."

    Yours in safety,


    P.S., the Mace Pepper Baton comes in a variety of colors to match your mood or your style. Choose your own today at http://www.selfdefenserocks.com/mace-pepper-baton.html


  • The C2 Taser - Prtoect Yourself

    The  following is a story how the C2 Taser was used.

    Freddy started hanging around old man Benson's sporting goods store when he was just ten years old. Now sixteen, and saving up his cash for college, he ran the cash register on weekends when the owner took a few hours off to spend time with his daughter and grandkids.  Weekend afternoons were pretty quiet in the neighborhood. Most folks did their shopping at the mall these days, though many of the office workers still stopped by during the week. For Freddy, it usually meant a chance to catch up on inventory or even the rare opportunity to get some more homework done.

    Melissa, who helped her father run the store, had spent some time and energy upgrading the store's security in the past few months.  She and her father didn't believe in stashing a gun behind the counter - they didn't want to run the risk that it might be used against them, or stolen at night and used in some other crime.  So Melissa picked up a Taser. She figured that if someone came in and threatened her father or one of her clerks, they could point and shoot it just like a gun.

    As the Bensons enjoyed their afternoon in the park, Freddy caught up on some of his schoolwork. He couldn't wait to enroll in pre- med courses that fall. As he looked up from his textbook, he noticed an unfamiliar figure hovering around the store. The guy was easily a foot taller than Freddy, and weighed about two hundred fifty pounds.   "Can I help you?" Freddy shouted.  The man darted his eyes at Freddy in between glances at the four corners of the store.  Freddy leaned up off his chair, and asked, "Is there something I can help you find?"

    Suddenly, the man darted toward Freddy, eyes ablaze. He bellowed, "Yeah! You can help me find all the money in your cash register, punk! And when you're done with that, I want you to come in to the back room and get that safe open!"  Freddy noticed a bulge in the man's sweatshirt, and didn't want to risk what might happen if that was any kind of weapon. In a split second, he grabbed the Taser from underneath the counter.  Freddy locked the laser sight onto his target and pulled the trigger.  Even though the robber was still about fifteen feet away, two small darts found their mark and channeled 50,000 volts of electricity over the pair of wires. The criminal collapsed, and Freddy knew from biology class that the attacker's muscles wouldn't stop contracting until he was stuck in the fetal position.

    After the cops and paramedics arrived, Freddy learned that the robber was high on meth, looking for cash for a quick score.  Without the Taser, who knows what he might have done. Freddy knew that, in that state, the guy could even have survived a gunshot and still done some serious damage.  Closing the store that day, he couldn't wait to swing by the park and give Melissa the news.

    Yours in safety,


    P.S., protect yourself with the same equipment that law enforcement professionals use.  Learn how to get your very own

    C2 Taser at:  http://www.selfdefenserocks.com/taser-c2-gold-kit.html


  • Insure Yourself - Need a reason to buy pepper spray or any other self defense product?

    Think of purchasing a non-lethal self defense product as you would reason buying health insurance, car insurance or home insurance.  You buy insurance to help mitigate a risk of something detrimental happening to your home, your property or yourself and family.  You don’t want anything bad to happen but you know in this world the chances of something unpleasant happening sometime in your lifetime are very real.  When buying insurance, you probably research the subject, check out several policies and decide which one fits your circumstances the best.  Then you bite the bullet and buy insurance.

    Buying pepper spray or any other self defense product is buying insurance against becoming a victim.  You don’t want to be attacked but it might happen.  Follow the same procedure.  Research self defense products and decide which product you or your family members would be able to work into your daily lives.  Buy a self defense product, understand it, be prepared to use it if necessary and keep it handy.  It could save your life or that of someone you love.

    Be prepared. Insure yourself against being a victim.

  • How Best To Protect Your Family, Your Home And Yourself.

    Crime continues to increase in frequency as the economy suffers in a very long recession/ stagnation /slow growth or whatever you want to call it with no hope in sight of getting any better.  Therefore it is no surprise that property crime occurs every 3 seconds, home burglary every 15 seconds and personal assault every 20 seconds. Now there is a new threat and they call it Home Invasion.

    "Home Invasion" is a term police use when a suspect enters a home with or without force and confronts the occupants to commit a robbery and or other crimes such as assault, rape, torture and even murder. "Home Invasion" is particularly troubling because of the potential trauma it inflicts on the occupants, parents and especially small children and the potential threat of assault, rape, torture or even murder. Home invasion is much more intimidating than a regular burglary. It is one thing to have your home burglarized when you are not there.

    That is bad enough. But to have someone invade your home while you are there brandishing a knife or gun brings the violation up a notch to a whole new level. How best to prepare: Secure your home with good door locks, dead bolts, window locks, outdoor lighting and even a surveillance video recording system.  The installation and use of a home alarm system is also a good choice.  Be sure to lock your vehicles and do not leave ladders outdoors. Home Invaders can be thwarted if you and your family have a plan and have practiced what to do in case of an intrusion.

    That plan must assuredly involve some non-lethal self-defense weapons such as stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays, stun batons, etc. located throughout the house. Practice what to do in the event of an emergency and practice how to use your non-lethal self-defense weapons. Nothing beats having a split second response in an emergency. Have the ability to call 911 by land line or cell phone. If you follow these tips not only will you be prepared but the worry factor will diminish. Go to www.selfdefenserocks.com today.

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